23/09/2017 - 20:30
Fátima Dzusova wins the Premio Iturbi 2017
Awards ceremony of the XX edition of the International Piano Competition of València

The XX edition of the International Awards of Piano of València “Premio Iturbi” is over in a ceremony in the Palau de la Música of València.

The ceremony has begun with the delivery of prizes to the absolute winners of this edition. The first prize has received it Fátima Dzusova of hands of the diputado de Cultura, Xavier Rius.

The Diputación de València awards to the first classified a big prize of 18.000 euros, in addition to the edition of a CD, and a series of recitals and concerts.

The second prize has been handed by the general director of l'Institut Valencià of Culture, Abel Guarinos, to the pianista Saeyoon Chon, mention that the third has handed it, the diputada de Ciudadanos  group in ttne Diputación, Mamen Peris, to Jorge Nava and, the head of the Service of Culture of the Diputación, Mario Carrión, has handed it to him to the fourth cals, Andrei Ivanov.

The second, third and fourth rewarded have received 12.000, 6.000 and 4.000 euros respectively, conceded also by the Diputación of València.

The fifth and sixth prize have been handed by the director of the Palau de la Música, Vicente Ros, to the pianista Aya Sakamoto, -fifth awarded-, and Juan Vila, president of the Society Filarmónica of València, to the sixth finalist, Juan Carlos Fernández Grandson.

The fifth prize, endowed with 3.000 euros is granted by the Ayuntamiento de València, whereas the sixth prize, of 1.900 euros, runs to charge of the Society Filarmónica of València.

On the other hand, they have handed the special Prizes of hands of the sponsors of the contest.

Luis Clemente has handed the Prize "KAWAI", endowed with 1.500 euros by Kawai-Spain, to the finalist Spanish better classified, prize has been for Jorge Nava.,

Javier Bengoechea has handed the prize Yamaha music Europegmbhibérica S.To.Or.: endowed with 1.500 euros by Yamaha Music Europe GmbH Iberian S.To.Or, to the best interpreter of Contemporary Music, that the jury has conceded ex aequo to Saeyoon Chon and Aya Sakamoto.

Javier Clemente has handed the Prize of the public Clemente Pianos: endowed with 1.500 euros by Clemente Pianos, to the best finalist, chosen among the assistants to the Final, to Jorge Nava.

Joaquín Soriano, has done delivery of the Prize Ricardo Samper to the “Best interpreter of Spanish music” endowed with 1.500 to Andrei Ivanov.

Jury of recognised international level

The jury has chaired it a year more Joaquín Soriano, and have acted like Just vowels Dvarionas, Homer Francesch, Nino Kereselidze, Andrea Lucchesini, John Or'conor, Kiai Nara, Fernando Puchol and Natalia Troull, and like secretary the boss of the Service of Culture of the Deputation, Mario Carrión.

Organisation and projection of the contest

The Area of Culture of the Deputation of València, organiser and promoter of the Contest, has broadcast the evolution of the prize entirely, from the first proof, through a signal of streaming. Also it has prepared a replacement of the performances to be visualised through the web www.pianoiturbi.com.

The important novelty of the present edition has been the transmission of the finals, in which the pianistas, have been accompanied by the Orchestra of València.

This landmark in the history of the orchestra of the City council of València has been thanks to the agreement of this institution and the Deputation of València, as they announced the alderwoman Gloria Tello and the deputy of Culture, Xavier Rius, in the presentation of the contest.

Sponsors and collaborators

The XX International Contest of Piano of València, Prize Iturbi, has the sponsorship of Institut Valencià of the Music (Generalitat Valencian), City council of Valencia, Foundation Bank Sabadell, Upper Conservatoire of Music of València, Society Filarmónica of València, Kawai – Spain, Yamaha Music Europe Gmbh Iberian S.To.Or., Clemente Pianos, Academy of Spain in Rome, Orchestra of València, Steinway & Sons, Foundation Eutherpe and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain through the National Institute of the Performing arts and of the Music.

The contest also has the collaboration of Alexis Soriano, Director of Orchestra, Upper Conservatoire of Music of València “Joaquín Rodrigo”, Municipal Conservatoire of Music “José Iturbi” of Valencia, Professional Conservatoire of Music, Academy of Spain in Rome, Orchestra of Valencia, Foundation Eutherpe and the Royal Academy of Fine arts of Saint Fernando of Madrid.


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