12/09/2017 - 15:00
Presentation "Premio Iturbi"

Back in 1981 was born in the city of Valencia the first International Piano Iturbi Award, boosted by the master Joaquín Rodrigo. The goal was to set up a piano contest, promoted by the Diputación de Valencia and orientated to project the young promises of the noble instrument, in a meeting marked by the excellence of the participants and it came to honor a recognized piano Valencian master as it was José Iturbi.

The scope of the participation allows to convert the current Iturbi Awards in a mixt of languages, sensibilities and different ways of piano playing and a basic release platform of who soon will be a delighted members of the international piano scene.

The Iturbi is already a contest of world reference, the progressive implication of public and private administrations it is a proof of it, as well as it important amount of prizes. Also, it is important to spotlight the over 3.800 users that through our streaming chanel follow the concerts during the month of September, and it keeps growing.


The Área de Cultura de la Diputación de Valencia, has always been involved in the hard organization of the competition, with the members of the Unidad de Promoción Cultural providing ideas and efforts to keep and improve the level and quality of this international event. We want to thank them from those lines their work and dedication.

The Iturbi award, with bi-annually frequency, it is now reinforced with a later tour all around the Autonomous Community of Valencia in which will take part all the finalists the year after the contest. That is why the Iturbi also promotes now activities and concerts during the whole year, with the goal of gaining projection toward the region and offer a plus of cultural quality in our municipalities.

Thus, in 2016 took place a tour with the masters of the 2015 contest: Lucka Okros, Viviana Lasaracina and Aleksandra Jablczynska, finalists of the XIX Edition who made a tour of concerts in places like Sagunto, Carcaixent, Chelva, Alborache, Massamagrell and Llutxent, in an effort to decentralize the culture and to offer great quality concerts to small villages.

With this 20º edition the Iturbi Award reaches a remarkable grade of maturity and now, it will be our responsibility, with the help of the 22 participants from 12 different nationalities, the members of the jury and the director of the contest, to make bigger the name of Valencia and the fame of the International Piano Iturbi Award. Because Valencia is music.

20 editions of International Piano Iturbi Award, near by 40 years of international projection from Valencia.


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